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    Serious people who want to WORK for $$$

    International company hires! Our amazing company is looking for heads of teams, not models. We are an adult entertainment MANAGING business and we are looking for serious people, who understand the to make money requires working or wining the lottery, but you will never win the lottery according to statistics. Based on our current operation, we offer a salary of 1,000-3,000 Euro a month, if you can not score at least 1,000 Euro a month with us, we recommend you looking for other jobs... WOW, you are now in the site for it. Requirements: This job fits serious people who knows how to work from home, but work from home, in our opinion, is not cleaning your apartment or being busy with other domestic tasks when you need to deal with our issues. If you have any knowledge in AEI, we are happy for you, it can and will help you. English language is a MUST!!! We assume you all speaks Romanian and that is good, Russian or Spanish language is an advantage and can bring you close to us. Friendly appeal, nice looking face can and will help you to reach your goals. If this is NOT your first job in life, you already have an advantage! This job CAN fit young mothers with young children. Special requirements: The ability to learn new things in life quickly, but really fast, because we are focus in making money, not in granting you credentials or diplomas for your next job in life. Open-mind perspective is always good in today world, for this job it is also required. You might need to travel abroad from time to time, mandatory to have a valid passport. Never say never. Qualified persons are asked to send their CV and explain why we should hire you, plus a recent photo. Let'$ make lot$ of money!

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