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  • Position Required: MEP Engineer Requirements: With Design Background Experience: With minimum of 2 work related experience in . Immediately Joining MEP Engineer with Design Background Duties and Responsibilities The type of organization a plumbing engineer works for will determine the exact duties they perform. Based on job listings we analyzed, a plumbing engineer’s duties typically involve: ? Develop Designs MEP engineer work closely with clients to develop designs, performing design calculations and choosing the appropriate equipment and systems for installation. ? Prepare Marketing Materials for Clients Plumbing engineers prepare the schematics and materials required to present their proposal to their clients. ? Draft Technical Documentation From drawing projects to amending designs, plumbing engineers draft the technical documentation associated with each project. ? Perform Quality Assurance Reviews Plumbing engineers are also responsible for carrying out quality assurance reviews on projects, which involves evaluating all of the technical drawings. ? Oversee Project Staff Plumbing engineers oversee junior engineering staff and provide training for them when required to ensure that each project is completed to the appropriate standard. MEP Engineer Skills and Qualifications Plumbing engineers should have great communication and leadership skills, as well as the ability to comfortably work with word processing and spreadsheet programs. Employers usually require a bachelor’s degree in engineering and at least five years’ experience, as well as the following abilities: • Technical design – plumbing engineers spend much of their time creating technical drawings to map the logistics of plumbing systems • Computer skills – plumbing engineers work regularly with word processing programs and spreadsheet software, so they should have the skills to use computers well and pick up new programs efficiently • Attention to detail – working with detailed technical drawings and instructions requires plumbing engineers to be detail oriented • Communication skills – plumbing engineers present their work to clients and collaborate with project managers, so they need excellent communication skills, both written and oral • Leadership skills – plumbing engineers should have strong leadership skills, since they oversee the work of junior team members and manage contracts Tools of the Trade MEP engineer regularly use these tools, and applicants looking to develop a career in this field should be comfortable using them: • 3D-modeling software (AutoCAD) • Spreadsheet programs (Microsoft Excel) • Word processing software (Microsoft Word) Please send your updated CV with recent Photo and Degree Certificate

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