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Locuri de munca Prahova Bratasanca

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  • Emdep Group is a worldwide supplier for assembly testing equipment and specific software for automotive wiring harness manufacturers. Emdep s objective is to offer a close proximity service and support to earn the total satisfaction of the clients. Requirements / Mandatory Knowledge: HW Systems and Software 1. Systems monitoring. Memory management. RAM. Secondary Memory. 2. Windows systems. 3. Computer Suite. 4. Knowledge of Client Hardware and Server. Security 5. Backups on servers 6. Firewalls. 7. Antivirus systems. Enterprise Solutions. Malware: viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, phishing and spam. Communications networks 8. TCP / IP. Ip address. Subnets, masks and kinds of networks. 9. Network wiring. 10. LAN, WAN, VLAN. 11. Notions of TCP / IP: Http. Ftp. Smtp. Pop3. Imap. Nfs. 12. ADSL. NAT. 13. VoIP Responsibilities: 1. Respect a continuous improvement system for GEOS and ensure its implementation. 2. Provides GEOS (our own platform) support to all factory users. 3. Report GEOS management issues. 4. Provides improvements to the GEOS system. 5. Provides improvements in GEOS procedures. 6. Follows a system to meet the quality standards in the implementation and development of IT.. 7. Provides support to users in IT maintenance tasks. 8. Implements procedures received from IT HQ. 9. Report IT management issues. 10. Provides improvements to IT infrastructure. 11. Solve local IT problems. 12. Maintains IT infrastructure.

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